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Place of Registration: Ken Stimpson Community School
Reg. Number: H0403CP119228404


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The 100% Recyclable Product


Phase 1

Sourcing our Raw Materials

We receive milk bottles through running community engaging competitions and collecting from what would normally go to waste.

Phase 2

Crafting the Product

We carefully carve out the monster from the milk bottle for the Monster Makeover Kit. The monster will arrive accompanied by a marker, paintbrush, set of paints, accessories and water cress seeds. 


Phase 3

Purchasing the monster

You can purchase the Monster Makeover Kit from us during trade fairs (dates can be seen in our blog) or bought from our online store.


Re-use your product

Once you bring your new monster home, you can plant your supplied water cress seeds or whatever funky hairdo you want your personal monster to have.


About Us

We are a group of 16-17 year olds aspiring to have an impact in saving the planet from drowning in plastic. 

We have created kits that parents can do with their children that is made out of recycled plastic as well as reusable plastic.

It's important that the children of today understand the issue with plastic in the world as they will be the adults of the future and if they begin to understand now they can have an impact in the future.

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